Opening doors for African and Asian female photographers to make their mark.

 / Another Perspective aims to provide young and talented female photographers from Africa and Asia who are still unknown in Switzerland with a platform to display their photos and tell their stories.

The focus is on female artists because women face a unique set of challenges that inhibit them from independently pursuing their vocations and passions. In addition, in many countries and cultures, female photographers have closer, more personal connections to members of their communities than their male colleagues. In particular, they are able to gain the trust of women and children and therefore create intimate and touching photographic narratives.

In March 2018 the first exhibition with photos of Fati Abubakar from Nigeria successfully took place in the Photobastei in Zurich. In May 2019 the photographer Deepti Asthana had the opportunity to show her impressive work "Women of India".

From December 3 until December 20, 2020 the new exhibition with pictures of Malika Diagana from Senegal will be shown in the Photobastei in Zurich. More information at "exhibition 2020".